Treasure hunt

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It was January in Minnesota, the coldest month of the year. For most, it was a time to slow down, to relax in front of a warm fire while reading a good book. But for Marci and her cousin Inga, winter in Minnesota would prove to be anything but relaxing. The adventure begins when Marci discovers a cryptic message in one of the local papers. The cryptic message foretells of an ancient search for hidden treasure:

"Hear yea, hear yea, come one come all, gentlemen, ladies and children too, the festival begins, we await for you. On public ground the prize is set, the winner is still undiscovered yet. In our seventy-fifth year, the reward is quite clear, with ten thousand one can buy plenty of gear. To find it one can search from on high then low, the discovery could be near, even under your toe. That concludes our introduction, there is no more to say, save beauty is sweet but passes away."

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