Promised Land

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For your consideration, From Promise Land to the Promised Land an auto biography by Thomas Van-Leer friend of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, To Tom, Abraham Joshua Herschel was a great Jewish scholar and thinker. He said, “What is the meaning of my being? My quest…man’s quest is not to gain a theoretical knowledge of himself…What I look for is not how to gain a firm hold on myself and life. But primarily how to live a life that would deserve and evoke an eternal Amen!” Chaplain to the Minnesota Timberwolves Chaplain Tom

"I really enjoyed reading excerpts of your book, the story about Snooks was hilarious." Kevin Ollie - Minnesota Timberwolves, playing his eleventh year in the NBA.

A powerful book spanning nearly eighty years, of a life well lived. Get your copy today.

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